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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centers (IEDC) at Lead College of Management have created a platform enabling students to transform their inventive concepts into prototypes for viable products and services.

This platform serves as an optimal starting point for students venturing into entrepreneurship, providing them with access to cutting-edge technology, superior infrastructure, outstanding mentorship, initial funding, and exposure on a global scale. Our amenities encompass workspace, a startup school, an incubation center, skilled mentors, and financial assistance extending from the initial idea phase to the scaling stage. Lead aspires to establish itself as the premier entrepreneurship school in India. With a student population exceeding 700, a dynamic entrepreneurial community, and LEAD IEDC organizing programs such as evangelization, technology workshops, ideathons, competitions, and founder stories, we are dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurs with passion and energy.

About IEDC

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDC) are platforms set up in Engineering, Management, Arts & Science Colleges, Medical Institutions, Polytechnics and Universities with an aim to provide students with an opportunity to experiment and innovate.

Startup Mission has set up IEDCs in higher educational institutions across the State which provide avenues for creative students to learn, collaborate and transform their innovative ideas into prototypes of viable products and services. IEDCs works as the first launch pad for a student’s entrepreneurial journey and provide them with access to cutting edge technology, world-class infrastructure, high-quality mentorship, early risk capital and global exposure. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is a flagship initiative of Kerala Startup Mission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the student and academic fraternity in the educational institutions in the State of Kerala and considered as an umbrella programme that would play an instrumental role in fostering innovation culture in Academic institutions.

Our Mentors

Dr. Thomas George K.

Dr. Thomas George K. is the Founder and Director of Lead college of Management. He is a renowned educationist and life-skill trainer with a significant impact on Engineering and MBA students in Kerala and beyond. His career began as an entrepreneur, establishing Prompt Computers, which achieved distinction by creating India's largest touch screen network for Indian Railways. Transitioning to soft skill training in 2002, he earned the title of "International Trainer" with engagements in over 35 countries. As Chief Mentor of Turning Point, he conducted 290+ sessions, positively impacting countless students. Holder of the Guinness World Record for the Longest Business Lesson in 2018, Dr. Thomas remains dedicated to inspiring and mentoring individuals, emphasizing values and entrepreneurship.



Lead IEDC offers outstanding space and facilities to incubate student businesses. A cadre of mentors is available to guide aspiring entrepreneurs, and there is a dedicated fund pool within IEDC Lead to provide assistance and support. This platform facilitates the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and helps transition them into autopilot mode.

Startup School

Lead IEDC provides a carefully curated curriculum for learning entrepreneurship that spans from ideation to scaling up. This program emphasizes practical exposure over theoretical classes, with clearly defined outcomes and milestones. LCEP (Lead Certification Program for Entrepreneurs): The Lead Certification Program for Entrepreneurs is a premier event designed to educate individuals on business. It covers various topics presented by experts ranging from the startup stage to business operations, with the primary goal of facilitating business scale-up.

LCEP (Lead Certification Program for Entrepreneurs)

The Lead Certification Program for Entrepreneurs is a premier event designed to educate individuals on business. It covers various topics presented by experts ranging from the startup stage to business operations, with the primary goal of facilitating business scale-up.

National Entrepreneurship Conclave (NEC)

NEC is an annual startup festival comprising two stages. The first stage involves a boot camp designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, while the second stage features a pitch competition with a prize pool of 12 lakhs. Organized in collaboration with various regional, national, and international agencies, the event also provides funding support. Workshops: Lead IEDC conducts workshops covering diverse aspects of entrepreneurship, offering participants valuable insights and practical knowledge. These workshops include entrepreneur talks, startup stories, and case studies. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on developing future skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Drone Technology, and more. Funding: The incubation center at Lead IEDC maintains a dedicated fund pool to support entrepreneurs in their ventures.

Extension Activities

Lead IEDC is involved in additional activities that complement and expand the entrepreneurial learning experience, creating a comprehensive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs. To meet the high demand and requirements on campus, we collaborate with local self-governments to establish and manage social entrepreneurship initiatives. The IEDC members and local self-government jointly operate businesses within the campus, including a cafeteria, laundry unit, unisex salon, stitching unit, stationery shop, and grocery sales.

Our Team Members

Dr. Thomas George K.

Founder and Director of Lead college of Management

Prof. Dr. Rajan P

Dean at Lead College of Management

Dr. Paul V Mathew

Seasoned Entrepreneur & Proficient Trainer

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